Tyvek® Roll Stock for Packaging Protects Lightweight Devices

Tyvek® roll stock for packaging is well suited for use on automated form-fill-seal equipment to package low-profile, lightweight and high-volume medical devices.  It offers ease of use and provides superior protection.

Tyvek® roll stock for packaging can be coated, printed inline, perforated or slit down into smaller rolls. Compared to medical-grade papers, Tyvek® roll stock for packaging features exceptional resistance to breakage, an important advantage when used in form-fill-seal equipment.

Tyvek® is an extremely flexible roll stock packaging material that won’t break or tear as easily as medical-grade papers. This resiliency, combined with the inherent strength of Tyvek®, helps ensure that form-fill-seal packaging lines run smoothly, without significant downtime due to material failures.


Tyvek® roll stock for packaging provides outstanding protection for a wide range of products, including medical gowns and drapes, syringes and catheters. It offers outstanding resistance to microbial penetration, significantly reduced risk of package failure, compatibility with a broad range of sterilization methods and a low risk of device contamination.

Even under the most rigorous conditions in highly contaminated environments, Tyvek® roll stock for packaging is highly resistant to bacterial spores and other contaminating microorganisms.

The tough, continuous filaments of Tyvek® roll stock for packaging help protect package integrity from both product breakthrough inside and rough handling outside. Because of its high strength, Tyvek® roll stock for packaging resists breakage during processing.

Unlike medical-grade papers and films, Tyvek® roll stock for packaging is compatible with all of the most commonly used sterilization methods: ethylene oxide (EO), gamma, electron-beam, steam (under controlled conditions) or newer methods (such as low-temperature oxidative sterilization).

The unique structure of Tyvek® roll stock for packaging—tough, continuous filaments—creates both a tortuous path for superior microbial barrier and excellent strength properties. It also means that Tyvek® roll stock for packaging generates very few airborne particles when sterile packaging is opened or handled, or during cutting in a packaging cleanroom.



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