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Vespel® SCP-5050 Take-Out Inserts for Hot Glass Handling

Vitro is a leading glass container manufacturer headquartered in Mexico. At their Guadalajara (Mexico) facility, they experienced a manufacturing challenge when producing a specialty vodka bottle. Vitro tested DuPontVespel® SCP-5050 take-out inserts and the result was a dramatic improvement.

The Challenge

To increase plant reliability and efficiencies and lower operating costs, glass bottle manufacturers search for materials that are long lasting and will not damage the glass. Traditional carbon graphite components are extensively used in the industry but these components present problems of breakage, short life, oil absorption and checking.

Vitro, a leading glass container manufacturer headquartered in Mexico, reported experiencing a manufacturing challenge when the carbon graphite take-out inserts lasted only 2 days due to constant breakage. This breakage resulted in many process interruptions that reduced reliability and increased operating costs.

The Solution

Vitro tested DuPontVespel® SCP-5050 take-out inserts and reported the result was an improvement of 10 times in life versus carbon graphite for 21 uninterrupted days of run time.

Key Advantages

DuPontVespel® SCP-5050, is based on a proprietary polymer and represents a product innovation for the glass industry. Test results show it has a 75% higher impact resistance versus carbon graphite (after aging for 100 hours at 315°C (600°F). This leads to reduced breakage of components in fabrication, handling and operation which extends the life of contact parts, increases process reliability and lowers operation costs. In addition, Vespel® SCP-5050 components have a very low thermal conductivity, little oil absorption and increased wear resistance which makes them ideal candidate for take-out inserts.


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