Hub Bushings For Copiers

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Vespel® and Minlon® Hub Bushings Keep Copiers Working

Creating a more dependable hub bushing was a priority for several digital copier makers. After all, nothing is more frustrating than an advanced copier with an old-fashioned “out of order” sign attached.

Durable, heat-resistant hub bushings are manufactured from two DuPont polymers: Vespel® and Minlon® met the performance challenge, and created better value and production efficiency.

The Challenge

The high-heat, high-friction internal environment of a copier can damage the hub bushing, a part used to stabilize the machine’s moving parts.  When this occurs, noise, and ultimately copier failure, can be the result. Faced with complaints about reliability and the need for frequent maintenance, several major copier manufacturers were searching for a more durable material that wouldn’t break the budget or complicate manufacturing. 

The Solution

The manufacturers found what they were looking for in DuPontVespel® and Minlon®.  Both provide high-temperature resistance and dimensional stability, which allows bushings to hold their shape and function longer. Vespel® is also a low-friction material, eliminating the need for lubrication in an application of this type.

In addition, both are simple and cost-efficient to process, and offer consistent quality.

Key Advantages

Vespel® and Minlon® hub bushings offer many advantages, including:

  • High heat resistance.
  • Durability and dimensional stability.
  • No significant creep or wear at axis contact points.
  • Excellent wear resistance and low coefficient of friction (Vespel® only).

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