Chemical Resistance Guides: Elastomers Chemical Resistance Guide and Kalrez® Application Guide

Elastomer Chemical Resistance Guide | Kalrez® Application Guide

DuPont Chemical Resistance Guide 

The DuPont Chemical Resistance Guide helps you choose the best elastomer for your application. DuPont worked with the Los Angeles Rubber Group to update its valuable “Chemical Resistance Guide”, which has been an industry resource with performance ratings of 20 elastomers in over 1,000 chemicals.

Kalrez® Application Guide

The Kalrez® Application Guide (KAG) helps ensure you choose the best Kalrez® product for your application. The selection tool rates all Kalrez® products in each industry in which Kalrez® is used.

Application temperatures and pressures can be input for more accurate product selection. The KAG can also assist in proper seal design for Kalrez® products in ten standard o-ring groove designs. Lastly, product datasheets are available for all the Kalrez® products.

The CRG & KAG can be used offline as well as online from your desktop or smartphone (see offline instructions). To ensure that you have the most recent upgrades, please periodically access the CRG & KAG online.  

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