DuPont Highlights at Chinaplas 2019 Its Successful Collaboration with Regina on Innovative e-F.A.S.T. Material for High-speed, Dry-running Conveyors

Pressemitteilung | Mai 21, 2019
DuPont Highlights at Chinaplas 2019 Its Successful Collaboration with Regina on Innovative e-F.A.S.T. Material for High-speed, Dry-running Conveyors

New DuPont Delrin® acetal with advanced slip technology eliminates lubricants, reduces line cleaning to promote sustainable bottling operations

DuPont Delrin® Acetal Homopolymer with Advanced Slip Technology used to Develop the e-F.A.S.T. Material with Regina Chain for Conveyor Chains

GUANGZHOU, China, May 21, 2019 – DuPont Transportation & Industrial, a global business unit of the DowDuPont Specialty Products Division, is showcasing here at Chinaplas 2019 (booth #11.2A31), Regina e-F.A.S.T. material used in conveyors for high-speed, dry-running bottling operations. This breakthrough material was developed in close collaboration with Regina Chain, a global leader in conveyor chains, belts and components. Combining DuPont Delrin® acetal homopolymer with advanced slip technology, the e-F.A.S.T. (ecological friction abating sliding thermoplastic) material avoids the need for traditional external lubricants used during bottling and other filling operations. By delivering a constant, low coefficient of friction (COF) in conveyor chains and belts, e-F.A.S.T. allows bottles to move smoothly and reduces wear and tear to lengthen maintenance and replacement cycles.

From an environmental perspective, eliminating dust-collecting lubricants minimizes the need to wash the conveyor, reducing water usage and avoiding wastewater disposal issues. Thanks to its constant low COF, the e-F.A.S.T. technology also lowers the amount of energy needed to run the conveyor.

“Industry 4.0 technologies allow bottlers to adopt high-speed, high-volume operations,” said Paolo Garbagnati, chief executive officer, Regina. “This in turn has sharpened the industry’s interest in a new conveyor material that can minimize or eliminate external lubricants and significantly benefit throughput. We elected to develop the project with DuPont, with which we enjoy a partnership of more than 20 years. DuPont developed a special, custom-colored grade of Delrin and provided comprehensive technical support throughout the project. Our collaboration on the e-F.A.S.T. technology has broken new ground by enabling efficient dry running, reducing costs and increasing sustainability.”

A Multi-faceted Collaboration

The close collaboration between DuPont and Regina—from design to testing and prototyping—enabled the successful development and commercialization of the e-F.A.S.T. material. DuPont notably performed tribology work and conducted extensive testing at Regina’s facility in Latina, Italy, and its customers’ sites. The team also developed a conveyor line prototype at the DuPont European Technical Center in Meyrin, Switzerland, to simulate real-world conditions.

“Our long collaboration with Regina continues to yield new innovations that enhance the way our customers work,” said Christophe Paulo, Industrial and Consumer strategic marketer, EMEA, DuPont. “Our joint success in this industry is a result of our deep, shared understanding of today’s material handling requirements, which range from higher productivity and a longer useful life to improved sustainability. By combining our materials knowledge and Regina’s field expertise, we created a new generation of Delrin acetal that solves multiple customer challenges with one elegant and environmentally responsible solution.”

About Regina

Regina group (, headquartered in Cernusco Lombardone, Lecco, Italy, is a world-leading developer and manufacturer of steel and plastic conveyor chains, belts and components for a wide range of end industries, including beverage, packaging, glass manufacturing, paper and food processing. Regina e-F.A.S.T. is available as FliteTop® chains and as Matveyor belts and chains in various pitches and designs, for any application.

About DuPont Transportation & Industrial

DuPont Transportation & Industrial (T&I), a DowDuPont Specialty Products Division business, delivers a broad range of technology-based products and solutions to the transportation, electronics, industrial and consumer markets. T&I partners with its customers to drive innovation by utilizing its expertise and knowledge in polymer and materials science. T&I works with customers throughout the value chain to enable material systems solutions for demanding applications and environments. For additional information about DuPont Transportation & Industrial, visit


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