Reduce Cost, Brighten Design in Automotive Lighting

Reduce Cost, Brighten Design in Automotive Lighting

More than 11 million vehicles on the road today rely on DuPont Crastin® PBT polyester resin for directly metalized headlamp bezels.

Automotive headlamps – a significant opportunity to add personality to vehicle styling – can now be manufactured more cost effectively through a new “Design-Materials-Processing” solution developed by DuPont Automotive.

A combination of new DuPont Crastin® PBT grades, innovative manufacturing techniques plus design and development support enables direct metallization of automotive headlamp bezels, the trim ring that not only supports the headlamp, but provides distinction in design.

Commercial on more than 140 vehicle lines and 11 million vehicles on the road around the world, the “art-to-part” development process is “proven and poised” to help ensure cost-effective, smooth product launches.

Benefits Gained

  • Significant cost savings - Up to 40 percent compared with high-heat resistant polycarbonate and other specialty products; an average of 30 percent per part by eliminating secondary paint operations compared with headlamp bezels of standard PBT.
  • No VOC or secondary paint steps when using direct metalized technology.
  • Reduced outgasing for lower defects
  • Reduced mold deposit for longer production runs
  • Experienced global development team to ensure smooth development launch
  • Broad product portfolio and deep product development team to ensure the right resin is used to attain the best results
  • Low condensables to reducing fogging and hazing

Materials Selected and Why
A steady evolution of highly engineered DuPont Crastin® PBT product grades offer heat resistance, thermal stability, optimized flow rates to deliver exceptional surface appearance straight from the mold with reduced defects from outgassing and significantly lower mold deposit for longer production runs, higher yields, improved uptime and greater productivity.


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